Captains Rock N’ roll over the Hot Rods.


I started the day with a little touristy stuff around Cleveland before heading to Eastlake Ohio for the Lake County Captains game the first stop I made, but did not go on the tour was the Christmas Story House.


It is not far from down town and was on my way to my second stop the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. I did go by the  H.O.F. the day before but did not tour it not having time before the Indians game. Since I did not have to get to Lake County till about 4:30 and had to check out of my hotel by 12 it seemed like a great way to kill some time.


This was someplace I always wanted to check out because besides baseball music is my second addiction. Growing up N.Y. I was a huge heavy Metal and Punk Rock fan. The day before I went to the RNR HOF just to check it out and the first thing I saw when I walked in was the old CBGB’s owning and it almost brought tears to my eye’s I spent a lot of time there before moving to Denver and seeing that awning was like running into an old friend and brought back a lot of memories of what seems like a different lifetime to me in N.Y.

After starting the tour they had a short movie about the history of RnR and was really cool. Then as you heading out of the theater there was an interactive area that you would hit on a band and it would show there influences. I think I could spend alloy=t of time in this area. The you headed into a exhibit entirely on Elvis.


Now I have never really been an Elvis fan but it was really interesting and he was a huge influence Rock and Roll, hence why he is the King!

It had some really cool artifacts from his life including a military outfit and many of his guitars,stage outfits and a motorcycle. It also had a short film on him.


Amongst the stuff they had displayed on the first level was D.M.C’s addidas and glasses, Jam Master Jay’s gold chain and one of their hats. they also had some stuff from Metallica which was really cool to me they were one of my favorite bands growing up. They had the scale from the Justice tour which I saw at the Nassau Coliseum when I was 13. Thy also had some guitars and a Jason Newsted stage outfit.(Black T-shirt, jeans and combat boots) I did not get great photos of their stuff but it was cool to see.


Another display had some stuff from Seattle bands and this display had Curt Cobain’s guitar sweater and knit hat. This whole display was music by city so it had displays for many city’s and stuff from the bands that came from there. They also had a video on each city.


The top floors of the museum were set up for a tribute to the music festivals, this is a display with some Woodstock stuff. They had many videos in this area as well about the history of the Music festival, the promoters and the fans. Then on the top most level they had a 18 minute film with clips from performances at music fest’s through out the years.

IMG_5375On the 4th or 5th level in the atrium area they had this Wall set up from a Roger Waters show.

That was a really awesome experience and so glad I went to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. If you ever heard a song on the radio I would recommend going to the RnR HOF.

After going to the RnR HOF I took the quick 20 minute drive to East Lake, Ohio to go to Classics Ball Park home of the Lake County Captains they are a A affiliate of the Cleveland Indians. They played the Bowling Green Hot Rods the A affiliate of the Tampa Bay Rays. I got there abot 4:30 because they were giving away Jobu bobble heads. The statue that Pedro Cerrano had in his locker in the movie. The line was really long when I got there and after the wait the gates opened and I barley got in to get one and I was only about halfway in the line. They gave out 1500 and sold close to 6000 tickets.

These teams are part of the mid West League.


The stadium was packed at first, a lot of people got their Bobble heads and left.

On the concource they had a few Cleveland area athletes signing autographs and Chelcie Ross (Eddie Harris in the Movie) also signed.


here is a look at the stadium, it kinda looked like a newer version of Security Service field.


All the athletes that were there through ot the first pitches. in Total their were 9 first pitches! the first was Jock Callender who was a hockey player. The others were Hector Marinaro who was a soccer player, Jessica “evil” Eye and Stipe Miorcic both are UFC fighters and from the area. Al “Bubba” Baker a football player, Jim Chones, Robert “Bingo” Smith, Austin Carr and last was Chelsie Ross. Who they brought out a tray of pitching aids to throw his pitch including Vaseline and Jalapeños.


Here he is throwing out his pitch.

So it was now time for the game.


Mitch Brown was the staring pitcher for the Captains.


Keon Wong makes contact and grounds out to first for the second out for the hot Rods in the inning.


D.J. Slanton was the starter for the Hot Rods. IMG_5539He gave up a hit to the Captains Clint Frazier and then Paul Hendrix hit into a double play to end the inning.


The first 2 out the Captains got in the top of the second was also a double play, Getting Alexander Simons out at second on a ball hit by Darryl George. Simmons was hit by a pitch to get on base.


The out at first.


The Hot Rods also had a runner on in the 3rd. Pat Blair hit a single and stole second and headed to third after a bad throw by the Captains catcher Richard Stock.


The Captains did not do much in the third and had a very productive 4th. inning. The inning started with a single by Brian Ruiz and then was followed by five consecutive hits. scoring 4 runs.


Captains player scoring 1 of the 4 runs in the 3rd inning.


The 6th hit of the inning was by Nellie Rodriguez.


It was a double hit down the third base line.


That rolled into the Hot Rods bullpen and either got stuck under the wall or got mixed in with other baseballs under the bench.


That scored Juan Castillo from 3rd for the first run.


The second run was Frazier from second. this gave the Captains a 4-0 lead in the bottom of the third.


The Hot Rods switched pitchers and brought in Andrew Hanse. He got the next 3 batters out and the Hot Rods out of the inning.


Took a little walk around the stadium in the 4th inning. here is a look from behind home plate.


The Captains starter Mitch brown during the 4th inning, with a runner on first. He walked Alexander Simmons to start the inning.


Looking at the field from center field.


Frazier making a catch for the second out of the inning.


He then tossed it to second to try and get the runner out who strayed a little to far from the bag on the out.


In left field behind the bleacher they had a play area for the kids with a bunch of bouncy house things and a play ground.


Claudio Bautista on second after a Castillo ground out.


He headed to third after a wild pitch.


On a second wild pitch he would score to give the Captains a 5-0 lead.


The ball against the wall after the second wild pitch.


The grounds crew dragged the field between innings, with a little help from Ralphie. Nice to see he is get work these days!


The Captains put in their second pitcher of the game in the 6th inning Andrew Hanse. Starter Mitch Brown went 5 innings giving up 3 hits walking and striking out 4. The hot Rods had opportunities against him, but did not utilize the runners.


The Captains added to their lead in the 6th by adding 2 more runs. The first was on a error by the hot Rods pitcher throwing over to first, scoring Dorrsy Paulino for a 6-0 lead.


The second run was scored on a hit by Bautista.


scoring stock from 3rd on Bautista’s single. 7-0 Captains lead.


The hot Rods got on the board in the 7th. Julian Ridings started it out with a double and scored 2 batters later on a ball hit by Pat Bair.


The ball was hit to second baseman Bautista and the run scored and Elias Torres got to second. 7-1 Captains

IMG_5774 The Hot Rods brought in Josh Kimborowicz to pitch in the 8th inning.


In the 8th the Captains Nellie Rodriguez hit a very Tulo type of homer a solo shot when up by 7 to give the Captains a 8-1 lead.


 Trevor Frank came into pitch for the Captains in the 9th.


James Harris (no relation to Eddie) hit a ball deep to left center and took a turn to third and well…


..probably should not have! He was out at third.


The next 2 batters got out and the Captains won this game 7-1. I wonder if they get tacos if they score 7 or more!


After the game I just wanted to get out of the stadium but I did want to catch some of the fireworks. But first they had a shirt off their backs give away witch they called each play to give it to the winner. That took a while.


If that was not enough they then did the ball toss and had took give out the prizes for that.


Then there was fireworks!


Got creative with the section signs on this one!

I then headed out about halfway through.


Here is a look from outside the stadium.

I got to my truck just in time for the end. I then took the 2 and 1/2 hour drive to Detroit. I will be at the 2 games in the Rockies and Tigers series!!

Had a great day in the Cleveland area with 2 of my 2 favorite things Music and Baseball.

To quote Buck O’Neil “there are 2 things in life Music and Baseball”  or something to that existent don’t have the book to quote it word for word but hopefully you got the meaning behind it!

Well See You in Detroit!


Mariners Indians in Cleveland. Can’t come up with a clever title in Clevland!

7-31-2014 IMG_4700Seattle Mariners vs. Cleveland Indians

Progressive Field, Cleveland, Ohio


I first went to the stadium in the morning to get a ticket for the game and took a quick walk around the stadium. This is a Bob feller statue that is outside the C gate which is in left center field. It is also the early gate for batting practice.

IMG_4698around the stadium on the light posts they have banners with current players names on them. Yes, Justin Masterson’s was still up!

IMG_4712Down Rally Alley which is outside the stadium on the third base side they have banners of their hall of Famers. The early ticket window is located by gate A and I got my ticket. One thing that I did not like is they have flex pricing like many stadiums so the digital sign said one price and then at the ticket window the price was different and when I asked the attendant just said well they just did not change the prices for todays game yet. I don’t like flex pricing in the first place but not to have the correct prices up is kind of stupid and deceiving.

After getting my tickets I did a little urban hiking and took some photos.


One of the first places I saw was the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame I did not go on the tour but I did go in. I am planning on going after I finish this post today! By the Rn’R HOF I also saw the stadium where the Browns play.


After that I walked around the city and took some photos. Lebron was a big theme around the city, as seen in this photo.


While walking I took some street photos and photos of Monuments and Building in the city. I would post more but this post would be a lot bigger then it already is! But Cleveland has a lot of history and some really cool buildings. I also took a walk threw the cemetery directly across the street from Progressive field which had a lot of very old graves going back 120 years.

After walking around I headed back to the hotel before heading back out for the game.


  Then I got to the gate a little after 4 for the 4:30 gate. here is a look during Batting Practice. I did well this BP and got 2 baseballs the first was a catch from the Indians the first that was hit out for the day. To pat myself on the back it was a pretty good catch that I ran down an aisle and caught it about a section over from where I was standing.


Indians player taking swings in the cage.

IMG_4870Here is what the side of the seats look like on the end of an aisle.


Around the upper deck they have murals for their Hall of Famers, The one show is for Rocky Colavito. They also have Bob Feller, Larry Doby and Early Wynn.


They also had these “banners” up with all the team accomplishments in their history. Including last years A.L. wild card.

during BP I also got a second ball from the Mariners it was just a pick up but a second ball. It I the first time I have gotten 2 ball in one MLB stadium on the road. I have gotten 2 at other stadiums but not in the same game.

IMG_4899In center field they have Indians heritage Park.

They have plaques of Hall of Famers and other players that played for them through out their history.


Here are a sample of the plaques these are satchel Paige’s and Bob Fellers.


They also had plaques for more recent players from the 1980’s till 2000’s


I then took a walk around the stadium. I headed up to the upper deck and got this photos.

I then headed down to the Mariners side of the field for autographs. I was trying to get a Robinson Cano locker plate signed but was not successful on 1 player and 1 coach signed.


Zach Mcalister started for the Indians. He allowed 1 hit to the Mariners Chris Taylor but got out of the inning on a double play hit by Robinson Cano.


Indians first baseman Carlos Santana making the play for the first out of the inning a Dustin Ackley hit to second.


Chris Taylor hit a ball to the Indians third baseman Lonnie Chisenhall.


The ball bounce off of Chisenhall and Taylor go on first.


Chris Young started for the Mariners.


Jason Kipnis hit a double.


He would advance to third on a Jose Ramirez sac bunt.


Kipnis than scored on a Michael Brantley single and the Indians took a 1-0 lead.

After the first inning I started heading to the left field bleachers the long way. Because the concourse on the main level is open longer on the 1st base side then the 3rd base side which could would have been shorter.


The Mariner Kendreys Morales lead the inning off with a double to left field.


I got to my seat in the left field bleachers in the middle of the second inning. Morales would score on a Logan Morrison sac fly and the Mariners tied the game at 1.


Cano turning a double play to end the bottom of the second inning.


Yan Gomes was out at first on the double play.


Dustin Ackley hit a 2 run home run to give the Mariners a 3-1 lead in the 3rd inning.


Corey Hart hit the wall pretty hard on a Michael Brantley hit that lead to Brantley getting on third.




Brantley sliding into third. Earlier in the inning the Indians did tie the game at 3 on a Jason Kipnis 2 run home run.


Brantley scored on a Carlos Santana sac fly to Hart in right field and the Indians would take a 4-3 lead.


The Mariners took started Chris Young out of the game in the 5th inning. He 4 runs on 7 hits struck out 2 and walked 1 batter. Dominic Leone came into pitch for them.


Chris Taylor makes a diving play in the 6th inning on a David Murphy hit.


The Indians extended the lead by t 2 scoring their 5th run of the game in the 7th inning.

Ramirez scored on a Santana single.


Ex-Rockie Joe Beimel came into pitch for the Mariners in the 7th. Beimel was the 5the pitcher of the game for the Mariners.


Mike Zunino hit a 2 run homer to give the Mariners a 6-5 lead in the 8th inning.


He high fives his teammates after his homer.


Lonnie Chisenhall diving to try and get the third out of the 9th inning. he came up a little short.


The inning would end a few pitches later when Cano flew out to center.


Michael Brantley makes the catch.


The Indians needed a rally in the bottom of the 9th to win this game.


Fernando Rodney the 7th pitcher of the game for the Mariners and the 14th used by both teams.


Rodney got the save and shot the arrow! The Mariners won this on 6-5.


The Mariners celebrate their win against the Indians.

This was a pretty good game beside the tremendous amount of pitching changes.

Overall this was not that bad of a stadium not quite the best but wouldn’t call it the worst. It did seem hard to get around at times but once I figured out it was not that bad and BP was not overly crowded till about half way into the Mariners batting practice. The early gate is at 4:30 for a 7 P.M. game and the rest of the gates open at various times.

So that is it for this game and stadium next up is Lake County for some advance a ball then onto Detroit where I get to see the Rockies again for the first time in 3 weeks! I think I have been seeing better baseball on the road so don’t feel like I have not missed too much with them.


The Knights gets some runs on the Bulls.


Durham Bulls vs. Charlotte Knight

BB&T Ball Park Charlotte, N.C.

The Knights are the triple A affiliate of the Chicago White Sox and the Bulls are the affiliate of the Tampa Bay Rays.


This was the first game I attended at this stadium, but it is not the first time I have seen it. I have actually seen this stadium being built-in various stages in 2012 I was in Charlotte the day they set the plate and broke down and last year I was there just about halfway through the construction.

The above photo is behind home plate and is not an entrance.


This is a look at it from across the street last year during the construction.


On the outside of the stadium down the third base line the have kind of tribute to the history of baseball in Charlotte. Starting with this mural of Latta Park. I tried finding info on this stadium but could not find anything beside that it is a park in Charlotte. If anybody knows any info or has photos of it please contact me would like to learn more about it.


The photo pretty much give much of the info about the team name and the years that baseball was played there. From the little bit of info I could find on this one I believe it was the stadium that the first integrated baseball game was played in North Carolina. If any body does have info once again please let me know.


This was the stadium used before they built the Charlotte Knights stadium before the last one in Fort Mills.


The last was the Knights stadium that I already mentioned. I still think it looked like a prison. I have seen 3 games there in 2011 all three was against the Bulls. so this is the 4th knights game I have seen and the played the Bulls every time I have seen games there.


This is a photo of the entire wall during construction.

IMG_9988 This is a look of the out side of the stadium looking from the out field to the direction of home plate. again this was from last year.


Here is a look at the same wall from home plate to the out field from this year with the stadium complete.


This is the right field stadium entrance. IMG_4172This is what it looks like now. This is the entrance I entered the stadium at.

Before I show those I have a few more from outside with the progress from last year to the complete stadium.


This is where the left field entrance is now.


Now into the stadium. I will insert different photos threw out the game as I moved around with photo from during the construction.


Charlotte Knight banners on light pole outside of stadium.


This is what the end of the seats look like. this is a feature not many people really notice about a stadium.


A look at the field and sky line from slightly behind home plate. IMG_4252

Players from both teams lined up along their respective lines during the National Anthem.

Now it was time to play ball.


Chris Beck started the game for the Knights and he pitched very well through the first 2 innings. he sat the Bulls down in order in the 1st. and 2nd. inning striking out 3 in the 2 innings.


Merril Kelly started for the Bulls I saw him pitch in relief in Durham and also in the triple A All Star game. He did get the Knights first batter of the game out and then the second batter Marcus Semien hit a triple to get on base. IMG_4304Jordan Danks would follow that up with a single that scored Siemien and put the Knights on the board with a 1-0 lead. Josh Phegley hit into a double play to end the inning. with 2 outs in the 2nd the Knights threatened to score again.


Michael Taylor started with a single and Dan Black followed with a single. Kelly struck out Blake Tekotte to end the inning and the Knights left 2 runners on.


After pitching a perfect 2 innings Kelly gave up a hit to the Bulls Ray Olmedo got a single. He would advance from 1st. to 3rd. on a passed ball and then score on a balk by Kelly. That is a rough way to give up a run and that tied the game at 1.


Olemedo sliding into third after the passed ball.


It was close but he was safe.


In the bottom of the third the Knights would score 2 runs on a very interesting call. With Danks on second after a 2 out double. Phegley would come out and hit the ball deep to right center.


Now I was not able to tell if the ball hit the rail or the wall.


They stopped him at second and then reviewed the play. I did not know there was a review in triple a.

IMG_4404After the Umps discussed the play it was ruled a home run and Phegley proceeded around the bases and the Knights took a 3-1 lead.


 In the 4th inning I took a quick walk around the stadium. This is a look from right center during Wilson Betemit at bat.


He ended the inning with this fly out to Taylor in right.


This is a look of the stadium from what know is around center field. This photo was taken either over or through the fence from the street.


Matt Davidson grounds out in the 4th inning.


Ali Solis gets a double in the 5th inning.


He was safe on the slide.


He would score on a Olmedo single 2 batters later.


That gave the Bulls their second run of the game. The Knights still held a 3-2 lead.


Siemien hit a solo homer in the bottom of the 5th to extend the Knights lead to 4-2.


The Knights also have their own creepy mascot race and this one was not so bad. It is Jerry the Jester who is in the lead in this one, king Mecklenberg and Queen Charlotte all character having to do with Charlottes history (somewhat) I know Queen Charlotte is, Mecklenberg is the name of the county the city of Charlotte is in. So Jerry was winning till the Knights mascot knocked him down and King Charlotte won. He leads the season with 22 wins closely followed by Queen Charlotte with 21 and Jerry the Jester has 10.


The Bulls brought in their second pitcher of the night Doug Mathis in in the 6th inning. Merril gave up 4 runs on 7 hits in his 5 innings of work. He did strike out 5 and walked 1.

IMG_4582The Knights brought in a second pitcher in the 6th inning as well Matt Zeleski. Chris Beck their starter went 5 giving up 2 runs on 5 hits and did not allow a hit till the 3rd. He struck out 5 and walked 1 also. Zeleski pitched 2 inning holding the Bulls and allowing only 1 hit.


Jarrett Casey pitched the top of the 9th for them.


Casey did give up one hit to Olmedo who was 3 for 4 tonight breaking up the no-no in the 3rd and an RBI in the 5th.


Robby Price came up with Olmedo on second.


He flew out to left to end the game and the game was over and the Knights won 4-2.


The Knights celebrate their win.

this was a pretty cool stadium. It does sell out and this night there was only general admission and standing room only seats which the general admission is for outfield seating and standing room only is for where ever you can stand. It was a pretty cool stadium that had features of many stadium I have been 2 before. Like the Home Run porch which reminded me of Columbus and they had a lot of group areas. IMG_4564

Like the Budweiser Home Plate Club and the Diamond Direct Lounge on the second level along the first baseline.

So that is it for this one I will be in Cleveland for an Mariners vs. Indians game on Thursday night!


Two for one in Burlington.


Kingsport Mets vs. Burlington Royals

Burlington Athletic Stadium, Burlington, N.C.

I think you can figure out the affiliates

Appalachian League which is a Rookie League


This one is taking awhile to put together one I had a travel day and 2 it was a double header with twice as many photos and well twice as much of everything.

This being a Minor League doubleheader it is 2 games of 7 innings. So the game was schedules to start at 5P.M. and when I went to get my ticket at the ticket booth I asked what time will the game be staring and they said probably around 5:20 it was suppose to start at 5:00 but the Umpires are not her yet. This was at about 4:50!


So I headed in about 10 or 15 minutes later since it is a small grandstand stadium, there is not much to see and I have been her before this is actually the third time I have gone to a game at Burlington I went to 2 games there during my 2012 trip.


So like many Minor League parks they have something to show guys that played there that have made it to the Majors and these banners show some reason guys who have moved all the way up.


Many with the Royals and Well Will Myer with the Rays other notable players that played in Burlington are Jim Thome, Manny Ramirez, Bartolo Colon and C.C. Sabatthia. I learned this just from using the rest rooms at the stadium!


Always find this funny and always pee in Manny’s locker!

So it was time to Play Ball, after the umpires arrived of cause.


Carter Hope was the starting pitcher for the Royals this game only faced 3 Mets batters.


The first was a great catch by left fielder  Leland Clemmons hit by Luis Guillorme.


The second out was a out at third Jean Rodriguez tried to stretch the sure double into a triple… (Seems Like I have seen that a lot o this trip)


…for the out at third.


 Yoryi Nuez started for the Mets, he started the game by hitting Leland Clemons.


Clemons then stole second. The next 3 batters would get out and he did not score.


Pedro Perez the second batter of the 2nd inning for the Mets walked. Here he is on base while Hope is pitching to Wuilmer Becerra. Becerra would reach base on a error by the Royals short stop Jose Martinez. IMG_3516Perez sliding into second on the error. Hope would then walk Zach Mathieu to load the bases with 1 out. He then work his way out of the inning very nicely first Miguel Leal flew out to right field and then he struck out Ivan Wilson to end the inning with out the Mets scoring.


In the 3rd inning after being hit by a pitch Angelo Castellano steals second and the ball was missed by the Mets short stop  Leal.


 Castellano easily made it to third.

IMG_3598Jose Martinez hit a single to score Castellano to give the Royals a 1-0 lead in the third.

IMG_3611Martinez on first with Nuez on pitching, Martinez would advance to second on a wild pitch.

IMG_3634Between inning they had their version of the mascot race were their mascot Bingo races with 2 chick-fil-a cows and a kid and the kid wins!

The Royal scored a second run in the 4th inning Joshua Banuelos started the inning with being hit by a pitch. He would score on a  Ryan Dale single 3 batters later to give the Royals a 2-0 lead.

IMG_3665 Amalani Fukofuka hit a single in the 5th and he is a  throw over to first.

IMG_3670He would steal 2nd but be left on base. This is a photo of him running it out during a fly out to end the inning.


The Mets got things going in the 6th inning with 2 out first Mathieu walked and Leal singled. Ivan Wilson would hit a double down the 3rd. base line.


That would score Mathieu and Leal.


Mathieu crossing the plate for the first run and then Leal scored to tie the game at 2.


Pitched the 6th inning for the Mets he was the Mets 3rd pitcher of the game. Their starter Yoryi Nuez pitch 4 innings giving up 2 runs on 2 hits with striking out 3 and walking 1. Their second pitcher of the night was Ramon Esteves who pitched the 5th inning.


In the bottom of the 7th the Royals got a runner on base and Castellano layed down a sac bunt. Advancing D. J. Burt to second who came into pinch run for Ryan Dale. The Royals would not win this one since it was a 7 inning game with a walk off and we head into extra innings.


Bryce Beeler would come into pitch for the Mets in the 7th.


Beeler pitching to Leland Clemons, who he would strike out to end the inning. The game remained score less in the


 Martinez stole second during Cleomons at bat he stole second then he stole third during Fukofukas at bat that was a wild pitch and he headed home.


he scored and the Royal won game 1 in 10 innings 3-2.


The Royals dugout cleared as they celebrated down the first base line.


The Royals bullpen heading into celebrate with their team.

So that was it for the very long game one, considering this was suppose to be a 7 inning game and went 10.

There was still the second game.

The second game was a make up game for a rained out game last week in Kingsport.


Between games a few players stopped and spoke to fans and gave autographs.

 To change it up a little I sat on the 1st base line for this game.


Chase Darhower started the second game for the Royals. He sat the Mets down in order getting all 3 batters to fly out.


Andrew Church started for the Mets. After getting the first 2 Mets out he hit the Royals 3rd batter of the inning with a pitch and got out of the inning on the next batter.


The Mets bull pen looks on during the first inning and the creative BNW for this way to long of a post.


After getting on base with a single Wuilmer Becerra stole second with 2 outs and made it to third because f a throwing error by the catcher.
He easily made it to third. He did not score and was left on base.
Cristian Cano started the 2nd for the Royals with a 1 out double.
Cano would advance to third on a throwing error from  Branden Kaupe.
 Riley King hit the ball and would get on first.
Cano tagged out at home on a Luis Lara hit.
Angelo Castellano would hit a single to load the bases.
Manny Olloque scored on a Logan Moon single to give the Royals a 1-0 lead.
Lara tried to make it 2-0…
…but was tagged out at the plate.
The Royals had a huge inning in the 3rd. To make this simple they scored 6 runs on 5 hits in the inning. Jose Martinez lead the inning off with a double, Chase Vallot walked Martinez scored on a Banuelos single. Vallot scored on a Cano single.
Here is Banuelos scoring as the ball heads towards the wall when the catcher missed it. King scored and the Royals had a 5-0 lead Cano would than score on a Lara single to give the Royals a 6-0 lead.
The Mets got on the board in the 5th with a Branden Kaupe triple. Here he is turning at 1st.
  Wuilmer Becerra and Vicente Lupo scored cutting the Royals lead to 6-2.
The Royals would score a 7th run in the 6th inning after Castallaano hit a reached base on a fielders choice getting Lara out at home, he stole second and scored on a Martinez single a few batters later. The Royals had a bunch of base runners this inning but was only able to get 1 run. The last 2 batters flew out stranding 2 runners.
Andres Muchado pitched the 7th inning for the Royals and he was the 3rd pitcher for them this game. The starter Chase Darhower went 5 innings giving up the 2 runs on 3 hits walking 2 and striking out 3. Their secon pitcher Antonio Cruz pitched the 6th and struck out 2.
Since this was a double header they only played 7 innings and this game was over with the Royal winning 7-2.
IMG_4053The Royal celebrate their second win of the day!
IMG_4058Once again the games were exciting in Burlington they always seem to be when I go and see games here. Last time I saw a no-no go till the 9th inning with 2 outs and a full count before the pitcher gave up a homer  for the only hit of the game and this semi marathon double header. This is a really fun stadium to catch a game you are close to the action and it always seems like there is a lot of it.
So that is it for this one, I have a few days off before my next game in Charlotte to check out their new stadium downtown.

Red Wings and Bulls battle it out in Durham.


Rochester Red Wings vs. Durham Bulls

Durham Bulls Athletic Park, Durham North Carolina

This is my 6th game of the road trip.

This was my second Bulls game and 4th time to this stadium this trip.

The Bulls are the Triple A affiliate of the Tampa Bay Rays and the Rochester Red Wings are the Triple A affiliate of the Minnesota Twins.

This being the 4th time I have been to this stadium this trip I did not arrive to early since the gates only open an hour before and there is know way of seeing or getting baseballs during batting practice.


So I got some photos of the pitchers warming up in the Bullpens here is Bulls starter Nate Karns.


Red Wings starter Alex Meyer.


Karns throwing the first pitch of the game to the Red Wings Doug Bernier. Bernier hit a single and was left on base. Karns got the next 2 batters to ground out and struck out Deibinson Romero to end the inning.


Alex Meyer pitching to the Bulls lead off batter Robby Price.


The Bulls went down in order in the first with to fly outs to Daniel Ortiz in left field this photo is the second out hit by Justin Christian. The third was a strike out looking by Vince Belnome.

IMG_2979Chris Rahl trys to stretch a single into a double unsuccessfully for the first out of the second inning. the next 2 batters also got out and the Bulls did not get anything going in the 2nd as well.


With Ali Solis on second Hak-Ju Lee set down a sac bunt to move him to third. Solis advanced to third and remained there after the next 2 batters after Lee got out and ended the inning. It was like watching a Rockies game where the completely blow a opportunity.


After 3 inning I decided to wander toward the out field and took some photos along the way as they played the 4th inning. Here is a photo of Karns pitching with the Bull looking on! The Red Wings went down in order in the inning including 2 strike outs.


The Red Wings got 2 runs in the 5th, the first a Nate Hanson single scored Pedro Florimon, Hanson then scored on a Deibinson Romero single to give Rochester a 2 run lead.

IMG_3104Nate Hanson slides into second after the throw was to the plate to get to second.


He was safe.


After a Vince Belnome hit the ball to first base Nate Hanson throws to second for the force out.


The Red Wings tried to turn 2 as Doug Bernier throws back to first.

IMG_3143 Belnome was safe at first.


After the 6th inning I headed back towards the infield. Here is a photo of Bulls reliever Merrill Kelly warming up in the bullpen.


Aaron Thompson Wilson Betemit at first. Jeremy Moore was on second Thompson walked both of them to start the 7th inning.

The Red Wings Starter Alex Meyer pitched 6 complete giving 5 hits and no runs striking out 8 Bulls batters.


 They both moved up a base on a Mike Fontenot sac bunt.


Thompson was replaced with A.J. Achter after the Fontenot sac bunt.


Moore and Betemit both scored on a Lee single to tie the game at 2.


Moore sliding into home for the second run.


Kelly came into pitch for the Bulls in the 8th inning.

Nate Karns who started for the Bulls went 7 complete innings giving up 2 runs on 5 hits striking out 9.

The Bulls then took the lead in the 8th after the Red Wings Achter hit Christian, walked Belnome and gave up a single by Mikie Mahtook. Achter was taken out of the game and replaced with Michael Tonkin. Tonkin struck out the next 2 batters and then walked Fontenot, the walk forced in a run and the Bulls had a 3-2 lead going into the 9th.


Josh Lueke came into pitch for the Bulls in the 9th.


Chris Rahl reached base on a throwing error by Lee to first and then scored to tie the game at 3 on a Florimon single. Florimon than headed to second on the throw to home that was cut off by Belnome and he threw to Lee at second to get Florimon out at second for the second out of the inning.

IMG_3269The Bulls tried to get things going in the 9th after Lee walked Robby price put down a sac bunt to advance Lee.


Red Wings first baseman Nate Hanson makes the catch to get Price out at first. The Red Wings then intentionally walked Christian and then they got the next 2 batters out.

IMG_3293I think the photo says it all!!!!

So we headed to the 10th.

IMG_3298With Ramirez on first Bernier put down a bunt that was fielded by Josh Lueke.

IMG_3300The Ball went over Fontenot head who was covering first and ended up in right field.


Bernier advanced to second on a James Bersford ground out at first.


Ramirez scored on a Josmil Pinto single to give the Red Wings a 4-3 lead.


Then Charlie Montoya took Lueke out of the game.


C. J. Riefenhauser came into pitch for the Bulls.


  Romero then  hit into a double play to end the inning.



The Bulls come up to bat down 4-3 in the bottom of the 10th.


Edgar Ibarra pitched the 10th for the Red Wings.


The Bulls DH Wilson Betemit hit a solo home run to tie the game at 4.


To bad there was not anybody on base when he hit it because they would have won and instead we headed to the 11th. With 2 outs Florimon was walked and would score along with Hanson on a Bernier double to give the a 6-4 lead.


Lester Oliveros pitched the bottom of the 11th for the Red Wings. He walked lead off batter lead Robby Price reached on a fielders choice that got Lee out at second.


Justin Christian struck out for the second out of the inning.

IMG_3389Belnome hit a single to get on base and then Mikie Mahtook hit a single and..


..that scored Price and cut the Red Wings lead to 6-5.

IMG_3402Jeremy Moore struck out to end the game and the Bulls lost this one 6-5 and it is their second lose in a row since their Monday night win.

IMG_3409The Red Wings celebrate the win.

That is it for this one, Still not sure what I am doing the next few days thinking of a Rookie League game in Burlington on Friday which is a double header. I do know I will be in Charlotte on Tuesday night before starting to head back west with stops in Cleveland, and Lake County Ohio before catching up with the Rockies in Detroit.

Till then see you around!!!

Blue Rocks, Rock the Mudcats in Carolina.


Five County Stadium

Zebulon, N.C.

Wilmington Blue Rocks vs. Carolina Mudcats

The Blue Rocks are a High A affiliate of the K.C. Royals

The Mudcats are a  High A affiliate of the Cleveland Indians.

They play in the Carolina League, the same league as the Winston-Salem Dash and Myrtle Beach Pelicans which I saw last week in Winston-Salem

The Mudcats are 48-52 this year and finished the first half in last place in the southern Division but are currently in first in the second half. Blue Rock was 3rd in the first half and are second in the Northern Division.

This is a stadium and a team I have been trying to get to since I first started doing these road trips to North Carolina. I first heard of this team in Maryvale, AZ when they were with the Cincinnati Reds organization. At the time they were also a Double A affiliate, now they are a High/Advanced A. The first year I came down this way they were not home for the few days I was in this area and last year I had a night planned t see them and it rained so I ended up catching a Durham Bulls game. Finally this I was able to get to Five County Stadium for a Mudcats game this was the last team/Stadium I have not been to in N.C. (Besides the new Charlotte Knights Stadium, but I have seen the Knights at their old stadium)


This was kind of an interesting stadium in the fact that it just makes you think WTF. It has a very cold concrete feel to it and has a crazy seating set up. The field level is only 4 row and as a huge and very steep upper deck. The first base line seats tapper like most stadium and then turn towards the field.


The Dugouts are just big boxes in the middle of the seating area on the field level. As many stadium here in N.C. have the netting that is usually behind home plate is around the entire stadium. It is also like that in Greensboro, Ashville and hickory to name a few stadiums that also have the entire field netted. I am not a fan of this because it makes it difficult to take photos during the game. Which is one reason there are not as many photos in this post. The other well I had a low battery and did not have a charged back up!

IMG_2732Here is a view from the upper deck behind home plate. It seemed like they tried to create a stadium which all the seats were all very close to the field. I am not sure why, because I have never really seen that to be a problem in other stadiums in the Minor Leagues. Also if you noticed I did not take photos of the out side of the stadium because there really wasn’t to much astatically to the outside of the stadium. So enough about the oddities of the stadium onto the  game.



The starting pitcher for the Mudcats was Adam Plutko, his night got rough around the second or third pitch of the game when Jack Lopez hit a double to right field. He did get the second batter of the inning out and then things got worse. After giving up a single to Bubba Starling that scored Lopez, He walked Zane Evans and gave up a home run to Jared Schlehuber and the Blue Rocks had a rather quick 4 run lead. Plutko did manage to get the 6th batter of the inning Ramon Torres to ground out the same pattern happened wit the next 3 single walk homer down by 7 top of the first removed from game after facing 9 batters and throwing 33 pitches. He walked 2 and gave up 7 runs on 5 hits. I would say that was a rough day. See Rockies fans it doesn’t only happen to us!

IMG_2758Bubba Starling diving back to first after his first inning single. This is the second time I have seen him play I saw him 2 years ago in Burlington playing for the Royals rookie league team. He was the 1st. round pick for the Royals in the 2011 draft 5th overall that year. He was drafted out of high school and this is his 4th season in pro ball. He missed the 2011 season since he did not sign till the middle of August.

Back to the game…

Clayton Cook would come into pitch for the Mudcats with 2 outs in the inning. Cook did not get out of the inning to cleanly either he gave up a single to Jack Lopez, Lopez’s second hit of the inning.


Raul Mondesi then hit a triple to score the 8th run for the Blue Rocks in the 1st. inning. It also completed the team cycle for the inning being the only triple to go with the 2 homers, 2 singles and the double by Lopez to start the game. It also made him the 8th batter to get on base and 6th hit of the inning. In total the Blue Rocks sent 12 batters to the plate in the inning. Scoring 8 runs.

Sean Manaea started the game for the Blue Rocks he only faced 4 Mudacat batters, the only base runner was Yhoxian Medina who walked. Manaea got the next 2 batters in the inning out and the next 9 out in a row counting those to. the next batter was a walk in the 4t inning and he got out of that inning on a double play. he pitched 4 innings of no hit baseball. I did not get a photo of him because of conserving the camera battery I took him throwing his first pitch and because of the nets it was blurry. the Blue rocks did get their 9th run of the game of Cook in the 4th inning to give them a 9 run lead.


The Mudcats brought in their 3rd pitcher of the night Rob Nixon into the game in the 5th inning. cook would pitch 3 1/3 innings giving up 2 runs on 5 hits, walking 1 and striking out 6. After the first inning this game was pretty much a pitchers duel. 7 of the 12 Blue rock hits were in the 1st. and the Mudcats did not have a hit till the 5th. They did also get their first run as a result of that hit in the 5th, a double by  Jeremy Lucas. He scored on a single by James Roberts. The score was 9-1 Blue Rocks after 5.


In the 8th inning the blue rocks brought in their second pitcher of the night Zeb Sneed The Mudcats did get a run in the inning there lead off batter Roberts got on first after a error by their 1st baseman  Jared Schlehuber. Roberts scored on a double by Todd Hankins to give the Mudcats their second run of the game. Now onto more important things, Sneed has a awesome Rollie Fingers Mustache!


Well close to it, he is only in High A ball and Rollie Fingers is in both the Baseball and Mustache Hall of Fame!


Daniel Stumpf came in and pitched the 9th for the Blue Rocks faced only 3 Mudcats batters.


Here is Jeremy Lucas hitting the ball to 3rd base.


Schlehuber making the catch for the out. The next batter would also ground out this time to short and that was the game the Blue Rocks win it 9-2.


The Blue Rocks  celebrate their win and that is it for this crazy game and interesting stadium.

not sure what I am going to hit up in the next week the next game I planned on seeing was in Charlotte next Tuesday, but most likely I will find a game or to till then here in N.C. may hit up another Bulls game and possibly head to Burlington for one this weekend.

till then see you around!

The Bulls clip Rochesters wings in Montoyo’s big night.


Rochester Red Wings vs. Durham Bulls

Durham Bulls Athletic Park, Durham, N.C.

The Rochester Red wings are a Triple A affiliate of the Minnesota Twins

The Durham Bulls are the Triple A affiliate of the Tampa Bay Rays

They are in the International League The Red Wings are in the North Division and are in 3rd place with a 55-47 record before the game. The Durham Bulls are in the South Division and killing it in first place and have a 55-46 record before the game and have a 10+ game lead over the second place team in their division the Gwinnett Braves.


This was the 3rd time I have been to this stadium in the last week  and the 7th time since I have been doing my summer road trip. I headed to this game because their Manager Charlie Montoyo had 613 wins as their manager. That ties the franchise record held by Bill Evers.


Over the last off season the Bulls did some renovations this is the concession stands on the right field concourse that was changed to these wood facades.

IMG_2270They also added these bleacher seats .


They renamed the bar on the right field concourse. I think they are trying to recreate the Party Deck at Coors!


Bulls starter Enny Romero warming up in the bullpen.


Charlie Montoyo and the Red Wings manager Gene Glynn exchange score cards and go over ground rules before the game.


Romero throwing his first pitch to the Red Wings Doug Bernier. Bernier would walk, but Romero would get the next 3 batters out.


Romero pitches with Bernier on first.


Sean Gilmartin started for the Red Wings.


The first batter he faced was Robby Price who he struck out the first of 2 strike outs in the inning. He faced the minimum 3 batters in the inning.

IMG_2419Mike Rahl gets the first hit of the game in the 2nd inning.

IMG_2457The next batter Daniel Ortiz would hit into a double play getting Rahl out at second and himself at first.

IMG_2496After the third inning I took a walk around the stadium here is a look from left field.


Since I have always sat on the first base line or close to the infield I decided to sit in the right field seats for a few innings. Did not take to many photos there just sat and enjoyed the game. Jeremy Moore tried to stretch a definite double into a questionable triple and the question was answered he was out at third the Bulls did get on the board on the play Mikie Mahtook did score the first run of the game for the Bulls and give them a 1-0 lead. The out at third did end the inning. The Red Wings did get a run to tie the game in top of the 5th. Nate Hanson got on base with a force out at second and he reached 1st. He scored on a Eric Farris single.


Barcelona has the running of the bulls, well in Durham they have the running of the kids!

The Bulls did also get to run in the bottom of the 5th. on a Ali Solis double that scored Vince Belnome to give the Bulls a 2-1 lead.

And remember Rockies fans when you are at the bottom of your fifth…. (don’t get it listen to a Rockies game on the radio)


After the top of the 7th I headed back to the first base line. Along the way I took this photo of the always helpful Durham Bulls staff! More importantly it is the creative BNW to show the mad photo skillz!


After Red Wings starter Gilmartin allowed the first 2 batters of the 7th reach base, Deolis Guerra came into pitch for the Red Wing. In the 6+ innings Gilmartin pitched he gave up 4 runs on 5 hits and struck out 9 Bulls batters.


Mike Fontenot hit a ball to left center that went to the wall and score Mahtook and Belnome to give the Bulls a 4-1 lead.


Fontenot makes the turn to second as Belome heads to third.


Belnome slides into home to beat the throw to home.


Hak-Ju Lee hit a ground rule double down the right field line it was a grounder but I think it may have hit the bull pen mound and bounced out or was fan interference. Not sure I was watching the batter threw the camera. But the hit did score Fontenot and give the Bulls a 5-1 lead.


Lee was then caught on a pick off play between second and third base.


It was you typical 1,4,3 caught stealing!

IMG_2581Steve Geltz pitched the 7th and 8th inning for the Bulls. Starter Enny Romero pitched 6 complete innings he only allowed 1 run on 6 hits striking out 4 while walking 3. Geltz in his 2 innings gave up 2 hits striking out 3.


Josh Lueke came in to close the game for the Bulls.


After Lueke gave up a run and struck out 2 and got the last out on a fly ball to center, Charlie Montoyo became the most winning manager in Durham Bulls history. Here he is heading out to celebrate the win with his team and his 2 son’s.


Here he is shaking hands with first base coach Dave Myers.


In honor of his historic win as manager he was named player of the game and was interviewed and then got the water dump! It was awesome to be able to be at this game in Durham for such a historic night for the franchise. This is why I these road trips you never know what you may witness. The same is with any other game you may attend, you never know what will happen in the game. This event I did expect and is why I decided to attend this game on a day I was not going to a game.

So the Bulls won this game 5-1 and a 56-46 record for the year.


They also made another change to the front of the stadium adding 2 fountains to the front of the stadium.

That is it for this one it was a great game to experience. The next game I will attend is in Zubulon, N.C. the Home of the Carolina Mudcats this is the only team I have not seen to in N.C. I would say it was the last stadium I have not been to but I now have to go to the new Charlotte Stadium which I will go to next week.

See You Around.


Things are Hopping with the Hoppers in Greensboro.

Newbridge Bank Park
Greensboro, N.C.

Hickory Crawdads vs. Greensboro Grasshoppers

The Grasshoppers are a Single a affiliate of the Miami Marlins

The Crawdads are a single A affiliate of the Texas Rangers

The League they are in, is the South Atlantic League

Hoppers entered the game 63-36

Crawdads entered the game 57-41

Both teams are in the southern division and the Grasshoppers are in first place and the Crawdads are in third 6.5 games behind the Grasshoppers. The Hagerstown Suns are the second place team 1 game behind the Grasshoppers. The Ashville Tourist are also in the south Atlantic League, but they are in the Northern Division and are in first place in their division.

Due to a slow start and a long line at the ticket window I missed the top of the 1st. inning.

I will start this post in the bottom of the first because well the Crawdads went down in order in the top of the 1st.


Here is a look at the starting line ups for both teams.


Slightly after I started watching the game the Grasshoppers scored 3 runs on a Home run by Felix Munoz.


The starting pitcher for the Crawdads was Akeem Bostick.


Nomar Mazar started the 2nd inning with a hit to second that got past the Grasshoppers second baseman Brian Anderson.


The starter for the Grasshoppers was Jose Adams. The only run he would give up was later in the 2nd inning when Evan Van Hoosier hit a single that scored Mazara. The Grasshoppers  had a 3-1 lead in the top of the second.


Rehiner Cordova making contact during his 2nd inning at bat he flew out to left field for the second out of the inning.


A look at Newbridge Ball Park from behind home plate between innings.


Mazara getting held up between second and third in the 6th inning, it was the second out of the inning.

The Grasshoppers did get another run in the 5th inning, a solo home run by J.T. Riddle.  4-1 Grasshoppers.


The Crawdads took Akeem Bostick out after 5 innings and Jose Monegro came in and pitched the 6th. In Bosticks 5 innings he gave up 4 runs on 5 hits walked 1 and struck out 2. Monegro gave up a hit in the 6th and faced 4 Grasshoppers batters.


The Grasshoppers also had a pitching change in the 6th. After giving up 3 hits in the inning the took out their starter Jose Adam and replaced him with Esmerling De La Rosa, who struck out the firs batter he faced Ronald Guzman to end the inning he continued pitching through the 8th inning.


Travis Demeritte got on base after being hit by a pitch and was throw out trying to steal second for the second out of the inning. In the bottom of the 7th the Grasshoppers scored 2 more runs to extend their lead to 6-1.  The 2 runs came on a Austin Dean single scoring Rehiner  Cordova and Yefri Perez.


The Grasshoppers ended up winning the game 6-1. Here are the outfielders celebrating the  win.  The Grasshoppers are now 64-36 on the year.

Once again there were fireworks after the game so I am 4 for on events that had fireworks after the game.


This was also the 4th time I have been to Greensboro and the 4th time I have seen fireworks there.

So that is it for this one got a day or 2 without a game before I head back to Raleigh to finally catch the Carolina Mudcats and Possible a another game at the Durham Bulls. after that there will be a few days off till I head to Charlotte to check out the Knights new Stadium in downtown Charlotte.

See you around.




Pelicans bash the Dash!


BB&T BallPark

Winston-Salem, N.C.

Myrtle Beach Pelicans vs. Winston – Salem Dash

The Pelicans are the High A team for the Texas Rangers and the Dash are the white sox High A affiliate


Game 2 of road trip.



This is the second game I have attended at BB&T Park, I came here on my trip in 2012. For more on this Ballpark, check out that post:

Before the game the Pelicans were 59-37 on the year and the Dash were 44-53. The pelicans won their division with a for the first half with a 44 and 24 record and the Dash finished 14.5 game behind them with a 14 and 39 record. They Both play in the Carolina Leagues Southern Division.


This game we sat on the third base side, near the Pelicans Bullpen. This is their starter Chad James warming up before the game.


Tyler Danish was the starting pitcher for the Dash.


With 2 outs in the first inning the Pelicans Nick Williams hit a triple. It could have resulted in a run if the batter before him Edwin Garcia did not hit into a double play. The first batter of the game Chris Garia got on base because of an error to the Dash’s second baseman Joey Demichele.


Pelicans Chris Bostic fouling a ball of during his second inning at bat. This photo really has no relevance to the game but was pretty cool with the bat on the ball!  The pelicans did get their first run of the game in the top of the second on a Kevin Torres single that he tried to stretch to a double but was out at second. Since the run did score before the out The Pelicans took the lead 1-0.


Bosics second at bat in the 5th inning was a little different it was a inside the park home run for the 2nd run of the game for the Pelicans. The Pelicans took  the 2-0 lead in the 5th.


In the bottom of the 5thwith 2 out the Pelicans starter Tyler Danish got into trouble after a walk to Cleuluis Rondon, who scored on a Jacob May double to cut the Pelican lead to 1. (2-1) Pelicans after 5.

..and when You’re at the Bottom of you 5th..!! (Just doing that to humor anyone who listens to the Rockies games on the radio!


 Jefferson Olacio  came into the game for the Dash in the 7th inning. Danish who pitched 6 complete innings only giving up 2 runs, on 6 hits striking out 6 Pelicans batters.


Chris Bostic once again got on base in the 7th this time a single that bounce off of pitcher Olacio ..


…and Dash shortstop Rondon made a great play on the grass and preventing it from going to the out field.


Things started getting really bad in the 7th when the dash tried to pick of Bostic and he got to second on a error by the first basemen  Keon Barnum.


Bostic end up on second.


Nick Williams tosses his bat after walking in the 7th. Olacio seamed to loose all control of his pitches he was hit batter Luis Mendez, walked Chris Garia and Williams in the inning.


Olacio was taken out of the game. In the inning he gave up 5 runs on 2 hits 2 walks and 1 hit batter. Not what I would say was a great inning. This game was a slight pitchers duel till this inning. It was kind of like watching the Rockies bullpen implode.


Brad Goldberg came into pitch for the Dash.


The first batter he faced was Jorge Alfaro who tripled 3 runs did score on that triple which were 3 of the 5 charged to Olacio. Goldberg would give up an additional 2 runs in the 8th inning and the Pelicans would extend their lead to 10-1.


 Cody Ege the 3rd Pelicans pitcher of the game came in in the bottom of the 8th. Their starter Chad James was removed from the game after 5. he gave up 1 run on 4 hits. Josh McElwee pitched the next 2 and gave up no runs and no hits.


 Zach Isler pitching for the Dash in the 9th inning. if you were wondering what happened to The Rockies low A affiliate Ashville Tourists manager Joe Mikulik well that is him coaching 3rd base and he is now the Manager of the Pelicans. I wonder if it had to do with the restructuring of the managers in 2013 when he was taking off the field for some half ass job created by our  front office that removed the guys who were managers off the field and they were more of advisers and were replaced with different field managers.


Well it looks like Joe is doing a good job with his new team they have a pretty good record this year and won this one 10-1.

Once again there were fireworks after the game this is my 2nd game and 3rd baseball event I attended this week and 3rd time I have seen fireworks.



So that is it for this one. The Next game will be in Greensboro for a Grasshoppers game vs. the Hickory Crawdads.

See You around.

2014 Triple A All-Star Game


Triple A All-Star Game

Durham Bulls Athletic Park

Durham, N.C.

1St. Game of the road trip.


You may ask why travel to Durham from Denver to see a triple a All-Star Game. Well One is I wanted to see a Triple a All-Star game and two I have relatives here in The Raleigh – Durham area that have a plan for the Bulls Stadium so that gives you the opportunity to get tickets for the All-Star Game. I pretty much have been coming here every year for the last 4 years to check out stadiums in North Carolina and the east coast for the past 5 years, so I figured I have seen the stadium but have not seen an All-Star Game so this would be a great addition to this years road trip.


I arrived at Durham Bull Athletic Stadium slightly before the pre-game festivities kicked off. The First thing they did to pay tribute to the Armed Forces was have an Army tactical group repel down one of the buildings in the outfield that are connected to the park.


Shortly After the did player introductions. Here is the lone representative from the Colorado springs Sky Sox First Baseman Ben Paulsen. It was cool seeing a player I knew of from the springs in the game.


By the time they were announcing the International League team I was in my seat, he is a shot while they are being introduced.


Both teams on the field during the National Anthem. Pacific Coast League along the third base line and the International League long the first base line.


Charlie Montoya Manager of the 2014 International League Team and the Durham Bulls threw out the first pitch. He has the most win as a manager for the Bulls with 611 in his 7 years there.



Liam Hendricks started for the International League, he plays for the Buffalo Bison the triple A affiliate of the Toronto Blue Jays. He got the first 2 batters out that he faced for the PCL Paulo Orlando from the Omaha Storm Chasers flew out to right field and Joc Pederson from the Albuquerque Isotopes struck out looking for the second out.


With 2 outs Chris Taylor from the Tacoma Rainiers hit a double to left field. The batter after him Mike Jacobs who now plays with the Reno Aces and former Sky Sox player struck out to end the inning.


Elih Villanueva from the New Orleans Zephyrs started for the PCL. he got the inning started well getting Ezequiel Carrera (Toledo Mudhens) to fly out to center. He than walked Jose Pirela from the Scranton Wilkes-Barre RailRiders.


 With 2 outs Jesus Aguilar from the Columbus Clippers hit a double.


Wilson Betemit from the Durham Bulls hit a single Pirela and Aguilar.


Jesus Aguilar crosses home plate for the IL second run.


The PCL failed to score in the 2nd, going down in order including 2 strike outs. In the bottom of the second Jhonathan Solano catcher for the Syracuse Chiefs came up with Gwinnett Brave Phil Gosselin lead off the inning with a single on base. This gave the IL a 4-0 lead.


Here is the Solano ball flying out over the score board in left field. It is just to the left of the flag pole.


Here he is high-fiving a teammate. Can’t look like he is having more fun then this.


The IL could have scored more runs off this hit by Pirela with one runner on base.


The PCL’s center fielder Paulo Orlando made a great catch for the 2nd out of the inning. I definitely saved a run.

IMG_1137Spencer Patton  from the Omaha StormChasers came into pitch in the Came into pitch for the PCL in the 2nd after Villanueva walked Steven Souza from the Syracuse Chiefs. Patton Struck out Aguilar to end the inning.


In true all-star fashion there were a lot of pitching changes and Mike Montgomery from the Durham Bulls came into pitch the 3rd inning for the IL. Facing only 3 batters striking out 1.

Between the top and bottom of the third inning it was time for the race. They don’t have creepy dental products here, they have 3 characters from the movie Bull Durham. The First Crash Davis who has a 34-32 on the year, the second Annie she is 32-24 on the year and the third is Nuke LaLoosh who is 0-66. IMG_1166

With heavy training for this all-Star race and help from fellow Lollygagger, from the Washington Nationals Presidents race Teddy.


LaLoosh won the race for his first win!

The International league only sent 3 batters also to the plate in the 3rd against the Iowa Cubs Kyle Hendricks.


At the end of the third like most stadiums the grounds crew came out and dragged the field, but in Durham the grounds crew dances in-between second and third base and then first and second.


Chris Taylor got his second hit of the night in the 4th inning.

IMG_1229He hit it down the third base line and it was fielded by Phil Gosselin.


Jesus Aguilar made a  great stretch to make the play but Taylor was still safe.

IMG_1248Indianapolis Indians Casey Sadler pitched the 5th. inning for the IL. The PCL did get 2 runners on base a single by Shane Peterson (Sacramento Rivercats ) and Gabriel Noriega (Tacoma Rainers) struck out swinging on a wild pitch and got on first base. The PCL did not score any runs in the inning.


Jose Pirelli making a great of balance cross body throw for an out in the fifth inning.


Then there were a ton of pitcher Heath Hembree pitched for the PCL in the bottom of the 5th. He Plays for the Fresno Grizzlies.

And when you’re at the bottom of your 5th!!!!!!!


A.J. Achter from the Rochester Red Wings pitched the 6th inning for the IL. The PCL got their first run in the inning a solo home run by Shane Peterson. After Chris Taylor got his 3rd hit of the night a double Achter was replaced by Tommy Layne from the Pawtucket Red Sox.


The first batter he faced was the Sky Sox Ben Paulsen. Paulsen hit into a fielder’s choice and got on first and Taylor was out at 3rd.


The revolving door of pitcher continued for the PCL in the 6th as well, The Fresno Grizzlies Paul Smyth started the inning for the PCL and  then the Nashville Sounds Mike Fiers pitched after the IL scored 3 runs off of Smyth. The first 2 on a triple by the Louisville Bats Felix Perez and the 3rd that scored Perez a double by Steven Sousa for a 7-1 IL lead.


Ben Paulsen stayed in the game and played first in the 6th inning.


Souza slides into second for a double in the 6th.


Juan Jaime from the Gwinnett Braves pitched the 7th for the IL. He struck out 2 PCL batters. On the radar gun he was hitting up to 98 MPH on his pitches.


Andy Oliver started the 8th for the IL. He is from the Indianapolis Indians.


Stephen Pisotty from the Memphis Redbirds hit a lead off single for the PCL. The next batter Joc Pederson walked.


Ben Paulsen hit a double and scored the PCL’s 2nd run of the game to cut into the IL’s lead (7-2) IL


After Bobby Korecky started the 9th inning for the IL the Bulls Merrill Kelly came in to finish the game for the IL. The PCL did pick up a 3rd run in the inning a single by Jonathan Galvez from the El Paso Chihuahuas scored Nick Franklin. (7-3) IL


Stephen Piscotti would be the last batter of the game. He hit a ball to short..


…that was fielded tossed to second for the force out on Galvez and the game was over. The IL won 7-3.


Merrill Kelly and Josh Phegley shake hand after the final out.

In total the PCL used a total of 8 pitchers and the IL used 11.


The International League players celebrate their victory.

This was a pretty cool experience, to see this game and at a very cool stadium. This is one of my favorite stadiums to go to and this time they once again did not disappoint. I would have like a Pacific Coast League win but it was still a fun game. It was kind of hard to keep tract of pitcher which is why not all 19 were shown in the post. The game was a little anti climatic even with the 19 combined hits and 10 runs, but it was nice to see all these players playing a game together and many of these guys you will be seeing in the MLB soon.

I would recommend attending a Triple A All-Star game. Next year it will be in Omaha Nebraska and yes, I am already trying to find out to get tickets to it.

So that is it for this game and My road trip continues this week I will be heading to Winston-Salem and Greensboro this weekend before returning to Raleigh to attend a Carolina Mudcats game and possibly will be hitting up another Bulls game.

after the game there were Fireworks and here is 2 photos.


That is it for this one see you around.